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Interfaith Ramp it Up Team

For the last two years, the Children of Abraham have assembled an interfaith team to participate in the Ramp It Up program sponsored by the Broome County Council of Churches (BCCC) which builds accessibility ramps.  For information on the Ramp It Up program, see


In 2016, a group of 11 teens, under the auspices of Children of Abraham, built a ramp attached to a home in Endicott on Saturday, August 13.  They represented Jewish, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, United Methodist, and Unitarian Universalist congregations.  These youth, who for the most part did not know one another ahead of that day, enjoyed the experience of working together for a common good.  With the leadership and guidance of the Broome County Council of Churches Ramp It Up program, youth ages 13-17 and their adult leaders worked on a very hot day for 10 hours to provide a much-needed ramp.  One of the homeowners commented on the new freedom she felt on being able to use the ramp to easily go in and out of her house in her wheelchair. 

Ramp it Up


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