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March 10, 2018

Temple Israel looks forward to hosting visitors to join our Shabbat service on March 10th, at 10 AM. 

Temple Israel is a modern, conservative synagogue founded in 1886.  We are located at 4737 Deerfield Place in Vestal, NY.

The following features are being added to our service for this event:

  • An adult, shortened service will be conducted in our sanctuary-our larger prayer space-10am-before noon;

  • A children's service will be conducted in our chapel-a smaller prayer space-11am-before noon;

  • A vegetarian and/or vegan pot-luck lunch will be hosted in our social hall following services.


If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Brown directly at:

May 05, 2018

St. Michael's Eastern Orthodox Church

You are invited to attend an evening Vespers service on Saturday, May 5th at 7 PM at St. Michael's Eastern Orthodox Church.  St. Michael's Church is located at 296 Clinton Street.  Directions are available on their website. 

St. Michaels is a Parish family of Orthodox Christians serving the Lord in Binghamton since 1904, part of the the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA.

It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes in advance to get an overview of the service.

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